Real World Programming in SWI-Prolog

This is a hopefully ever expanding collection of tutorials on aspects of the SWI-Prolog environment. Our emphasis is on learning to write real world applications in SWI-Prolog.

  1. Definite Clause Grammars by Anne Ogborn
  2. Web Applications by Anne Ogborn
  3. Constraint Logic Programming over Finite Domains by Anne Ogborn
  4. Printing Messages in SWI-Prologby Anne Ogborn

Stuff that's in the general vein of the Real World tutorials, but are by others

Other stuff by me (Anne Ogborn) about Prolog

  • FAQ For The ##Prolog Channel by Anne Ogborn and Michael Richter
  • A little story about teaching Programming Languages courses that include Prolog
  • Youtube video (35 mins) of my tutorial on Pengines at Strange Loop 2014
  • Youtube video (40 mins) of Michael Hendricks' talk on Production Prolog, with great hints on practical Prolog
  • I gave a workshop on SWI-Prolog web development at Strangeloop 2013 The workshop materials were basically the set of html tutorials collected into a single program. You can get them here.
  • Selected other folks' tutorials and info about prolog


    We'd love to have more contributors of tutorials. Areas we'd love to see covered: Pldoc, The IDE, CLP, Expert Systems, aggregator library, and whatever else excites you.